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How to play :

  You have a piece of paper laying infront of you. It contains the tests themselves. Since you can't possibly know the answers, because you didn't have the time to study or were too lazy to do so, you will be using the phone that's under the desk. It contains all the answers. But you have to make sure that the teacher won't see it. BE CAREFUL. You're dealing with a mentally unstable human being.  You have a minute to answer all the questions. Oh and by the way, epilepsy warning.


  LMB - grab an object;

  RMB - pick an answer;

  Scrollwheel - move objects farther or closer to yourself.

GDZ = ГДЗ = Готовые Домашние Задания = Homework done for you.

Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Physics, Point & Click, Stealth
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


GDZ Simulator 0.5 41 MB
Credits 531 bytes

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I still won't let me download  the game. It keeps saying it won't open, you have to use safari, but I'm am. What I do

it won't let me get in the game

please tell me what to do

how do i play it i already downloaded it

She looks funny but the game was well done!

Funny design for the teacher. Had some good laughs out of this! Would love to see more games coming from you. :)


Funny character model for the teach, and funny concept. This is why you don't cheat in school kids

Блин, интересная игра, сразу школу вспомнил

This will teach you to cheat on test in school....

Thanks for the fun :D!


So now the game really improved. Every problem i have talked about got fixed.

Now the only things is that, you could just add new game mechanics, but the game is finished, it is ok if you don't want to You could add new teachers, new jumpscares, new classrooms, new ideas, new threats, new jumpscares, and new game mechanics.  That would be cool.


Im missing a file? whats wrong? its not opening

that is happening to me to. I tried to open and fix it, but it doesn't work

I love this game :


Is there some file I'm missing? It doesn't download a working game file.


Remind me to skip class that day! Funny concept and I really enjoyed the slaughtering hahaha!


Ok, so the update fixed most of the stuff but it still has problems.

So, i don't know if this game has an ending or not, if it has then it is ok. 

But if there is no ending, ( i don't know since i didn't beat the game yet) then there are some problems.

I think, it would be better if it limted answers, like 20 questions and then you can submit them, and if they are right then you have a cutscene (or not) and you beat the game.

Having highscores is cool, but i think it should be optional,  and it should have an ending or something. Also you can still see the answers without picking up the phone. 

One of the biggest problems of the game, is that i don't know how to beat it. Because there is no indication of where she is and when will she come. 

Like, that would be cool if you would add, an sound where she looks, or see where she comes. Also, the player doesn't know how to hide to not get caught. Like, if you do absolutely nothing she will get to you too. 

Seriously, what are you supossed to do so that she won't see anything? There should be common sense, because it seems like this is RNG or something. So these are the problems right now.

I still love this project.

You know when i am in love with an idea i check every update. So let's check this.

Ok, so after the update the game got changed, i liked the update because the game got playable now. But you still got problems, all i can recommend is try to add an end. The game is basically endless and it isn't intresting to play endless modes. Also add a longer time limit, like 2 minutes to answer 20 questions. Since i could only get 13 because of how hard it is. And if you will do absolutely nothing she will still kill you. Also i don't know if it is intended or not, but you can see the answers without dragging the phone. So change these things and that would be great. 

My advice would be to work on the mechanics, the teacher just somehow always know when you are doing anything lol, i just kept dying even when i did nothing 

I loved it, this is actually really realistic because i use GDZ to this day, but i don't have these consequences like on this game. 

Models, characters (who am i kidding) shaders, were awesome. Since it actually scares me.

The idea and gameplay is pretty awesome and i loved it, it's like FNAF because it's scary.

The game itself is kinda dissapointing, i think you can improve it and improve yourself and it will be awesome.

Things i didn't like about this game is that it's broken, it would have actually been kinda fun if there was an end. I don't like endless games, there are no even points so you can't even win. You can take proctor for example. And you should add more game mechanics to it and make you choose the answers, because you can't do absolutely ANYTHING, which kind of ruins the point of it and makes me sad. :( 

So it's good but broken. 7.5/10.

I didn't finished the game but This game is insane 4/5 rated :))

here is my quick review on this game.


How do you play it? I keep dying

Me also die but I found a mobile under that desk which will help you to complete your examination.